Practice with the Pro

Do you want to fully commit to improving your golf game? The Golflounge Academy offers a lesson package of your choice for this purpose. We call it “Practice with the Pro.” During the practice sessions, you’ll receive tips and guidance to practice effectively. It’s a combination of training and lessons in one. These sessions are held throughout the year in groups of 2 – 8 participants. 

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The Package

With this package, you choose 2 lesson times per week. It starts on your preferred date, whether that’s any time in the current month or a few weeks from now. You get to decide. Please mention your start date in the comments field, and we’ll create the package for you. After that, we’ll send you a link to the schedule so you can book your lessons yourself.

Lesson Times

You can choose from multiple lessons offered on different days every week. The professionals prepare the lessons and discuss any specific topics with the group. The lesson times in the schedule may vary depending on demand. Click here to view them for the upcoming period.

Choose a package for 1, 2, or 3 months! The longer your package, the more cost-effective the lessons become.

Lesson schedule


12:00h - 13:00h


19:00h - 20:00h


19:00h - 20:00h


11:00h - 12:00h

19:00h - 20:00h


13:00h - 14:00h


13:00h - 14:00h