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What do I need to be able to do to get to the golf lounge?

It is not necessary to have experience or a GPC in the Golf Lounge. That means everyone is welcome. We’ll have the clubs and balls ready and look forward to seeing you!

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Nope! You don’t need to have any previous experience or a GPC to come to the Golflounge. Everyone is welcome!

Of course! Golflounge Amsterdam is more than happy to discuss options and availability for your big or small event. Please contact us and let’s see what the possibilities are!

Except for a good mood, there are no necessities to bring. Balls and clubs are ready to use for you when you arrive. If you own a golf glove it’s a good idea to bring it, but it is not mandatory. We have no drivers available

If you have your own clubs you are welcome to bring them. If not, no problem! We have plenty for everyone, as well left-handed and children clubs.

All ages are welcome here. Children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult. Attention: the Golflounge is on the 1st floor and does not have an elevator.

No, but you can buy one at our golf store for as little as €19,95.

Of course! Our Trackman screens are positioned in such a way that both left- and right-handed players won’t hit it in their swing. We also have left-handed clubs.

At the Golflounge, we serve snacks but no dinner. We do have a restaurant called de Brasserie at our terrain, who are happy to have you over for lunch or dinner.
Do you wish to have dinner included in an event? Please contact us.

Golflounge Amsterdam is on the 1st floor and unfortunately does not have an elevator. At the 1st floor everything is level and we do have an adjusted toilet. Our employees are more than happy to assist with anything if needed.

Yes! Please mention this in the comment section when making a reservation or contact us.

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That happens sometimes! Please contact us and we will look for a solution.

You can make a reservation for 85 days in the future. If you want to make a reservation for further in the future, please contact us.

Yes! At Golflounge Amsterdam we have central heating so even in winter the Golflounge is warm. We also have heaters outside so that even when you’re hitting balls you’re warm, and the hitting area has a roof, so rain won’t bother you either.

With our booking system you can book multiple Lounge Boxes in 1 reservation. The system will automatically allocate the right amount of Boxes for the number of people you entered. Do you want to book the whole Lounge, or a specific part? Please contact us.

Everything you need to start golfing you can purchase in our golfshop, which is located on the same terrain as the Golflounge. If you wish to buy clubs, our neighbor Hans Lemmens Golf is happy to help you. They are right next door!

Currently we’re just in Amsterdam!

Golflounge Amsterdam is situated at Golfcenter De Hoge Dijk. Our address is: Abcouderstraatweg 46, 1105 AA Amsterdam

As long as you’re kind and safe, there are no rules to follow. Please do make sure that you’re behind the line when someone is playing for your own safety.

Please look at our Trackman page.


Yes! Please see Golfacademy De Hoge Dijk’s website or contact info@golfles.net. Our pro’s are more than happy to help you start or advance your golf journey.

Lessons for your GPC are a possibility! For the possibilities, please see Golfacademy De Hoge Dijk’s website or contact info@golfles.net.

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See our reservation page. Booking a Box follows 4 steps. 1. Choose the type of Box and how many people you wish to come with. 2. Choose how long you want to stay and the date and time of your visit. 3. Enter your details. 4. Confirm the reservation by paying online using Mollie. Now your booking is complete, and we’ll see you soon!

The average time most people book is 2 hours. However, this varies per group. We advise at least 2 hours, as this ensures everyone has enough time to play and have a drink.

For more information on the different Boxes, please look at our Boxes page. If you’re not sure which Box is best for your group, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Changing or cancelling your reservation is possible. Please contact us as soon as possible. Also revise our cancellation policy here. -cancellation policy-

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The max. capacity of the Golflounge is around 200 people. Based on your ideas we can make a proposal. We would love to hear from you at events@golfloungeamsterdam.nl.

Yes! Please let us know when booking.

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