Golflounge Academy

We have the perfect offering for every golfer! Beginners, intermediates, and experienced golfers alike can come to us to improve their game. What will you learn with us?

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Golflounge Academy

We have the perfect offering for every golfer! Beginners, intermediates, and experienced golfers alike can come to us to improve their game. What will you learn with us?

Our Golflounge Academy is divided into three levels: beginners, intermediates, and experienced golfers.

Do you want to learn the basics and obtain your GVB to finally be able to hit the course with your friends? Then sign up for a 1- or 2-day course!

Already have your GVB but want to lower your handicap? Choose one of the NGF (Nederlandse Golf Federatie) steps based on your current handicap.

Do you already have your GVB, but want to lower your handicap? Choose one of the NGF steps based on your current handicap.

Prefer to improve a specific aspect of your golf skills? Then practicing with a pro is perfect for you!

Additionally, we offer private lessons with our certified PGA Professionals. Come alone or with a small group to work on your golf game in a lesson where the pro focuses solely on you. The rates for private lessons are listed in the table below.

For golfers who want to take multiple lessons, we have our special 8=7 package. For more information, see the table below.

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Prices for private and group lessons

  Per pers: Total 8 = 7 package  
Private lesson
(25 min.)
€ 35,00 € 35,00 € 245,00
Private lesson
(50 min.)
€ 65,00 € 65,00 € 455,00
Private lesson
(2 pers.)
(50 min.)
€ 37,50 € 75,00 € 525,00
Private lesson
(3 pers.)
(50 min.)
€ 26,67 € 80,00 € 560,00

Private lesson
(4 pers.)
(50 min.)

€ 21,25 € 85,00 € 595,00

Do you want to make use of our 8 = 7 benefit package? Contact us and we'll add it to your ProAgenda account!


What does Golflounge Academy offer?

From GVB to HCP54

From GVB to HCP54 in 6 weeks

GVB / Handicap 54 in 1 day

Permission to play in 1 day!

NGF-step 3

In 8 lessons from HCP54 to HCP36

GVB / Handicap 54 in 2 days

Permission to play in 2 days!

NGF-step 4

In 8 lessons from HCP36 to HCP28

Practice with the Pro

Improve your game through various training sessions with different pro's!

Trackman Range free instruction

Learn what you can with our Trackman Range


Get in touch with golf with your friends!

Refresher lessons with course lesson

Boost your golf game with a day of golf

Putting with Piet Hein

Masterclass putting with Piet Hein

Masterclass putting with Piet Hein

Don't make putting more difficult than it is!

Free practice facilities

Our covered Trackman Range is open for everyone to train. You don’t need to pay or reserve a spot in advance. So come and get acquainted with our Trackman Range system! Available for everyone at ALL 40 teeing grounds. Bring your phone or tablet and start practicing!

Additionally, you can practice for free on our delightful practice facilities, including putting, pitching, and chipping.

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Our golfprofessionals

Book your lesson here with one of our golf professionals.

Philip Broekhuysen

Philip is an all-round golf professional who can assist both novice players to get their golf permit (GVB) and experienced players to further improve their game.

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John Bos

John is a qualified professional and has over 15 years experience teaching golf to all levels - from beginners to seasoned experienced golfers. John is pragmatic and believes anyone can learn to golf if s/he is well guided - based on a simple yet effective scientific methodolgy. Motto: we make golf difficult and technical. Golf is just about learning one motion

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Vasco Tilon

Vasco Tilon is a PGA AAA Head Professional and PGA Holland Mental coach. GolfTON Head coach. He has written programmes for top golf and youth talent development for Golf Club Olympus. In his lessons, he uses Trackman data and video material.

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Piet Hein Groenewoud

Piet Hein is a PGA Holland A-Professional as well as an Iron Shirt of Golf-Professional. He uses different golf styles from around the world. This combination characterizes his unique approach of teaching. Piet Hein is available from Sunday - Thursday.

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Idde Quik

Idde is an enthusiastic golf pro who would love to help you improve your golf game. He uses the Trackman system during lessons to optimise your swing.

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Nanna van Ginhoven

Besides being a PGA - AAA Professional, Nanna van Ginhoven also works at the Johan Cruijff Academy, a college for top athletes, part of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She is a teacher in marketing research and guides students in writing their theses.

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Dyon Lorist

Dyon is a young enthusiastic PGA Professional who has now successfully completed his training to become a B professional. He won several tournaments, the PGA Monday Tour and Open Golf Tour. He is a passionate teaching pro with excellent knowledge about the sport. Dyon will help you to improve your handicap and game.

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Robert Tordoir

Want to improve your score on the course? Robert is a all-round and gives golf lessons with great enthusiasm. He will complete the B-professional course next year.

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