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Golflounge VIP box

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The VIP Box is an XL private space, consisting of 2 hitting spots, comfortable mid-high sofas, one Trackman screen per hitting spot, and space for up to 12 people. Golflounge Amsterdam has two VIP Boxes.

If you want to golf in a private setting with more than 12 people, you have the option to reserve the Private box or another VIP box next to it. This is possible for up to 30 people! Please contact us for this.

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We provide the clubs, balls, and music. Snacks and drinks can be ordered from one of our staff members during golfing. These are not included in the box rental. The games on the Trackman are suitable for all skill levels. The VIP box accommodates up to 12 people.

The beauty of the VIP box is the private setting. You’ll have 2 hitting spots and your own lounge area with comfortable sofas.

The price for the VIP box is:

€125,00 per hour

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Lounge box

Max. 6 personen

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Private Box

Max. 6 personen

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