GVB / Handicap 54 in 1 day

The Golflounge Academy in Amsterdam offers 1-day courses for novice golfers who wish to pass both their theory and practical exams. Upon completion of the course, you will have your course permission and will be able to play independently on De Hoge Dijk and other par-3 courses in the Netherlands. To achieve an HCP (handicap) of 54, you need a minimum score of 19 points on a par-3 course. Then, you will work on lowering your handicap.

Special offer for only €199!

Get your GVB in 1 day We offer you an intensive day in which you can obtain your GVB/course permission or Handicap 54 with us. This day is filled with a hefty dose of practical lessons, including practicing the full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting. We also practice bunker play and conclude with a course lesson to apply the learned theory into practice immediately. These are the essential aspects of the golf game that you will need while playing. During the lessons, the professional will explain the theory so that you can also take your theory exam during the day. You can enroll, either with a friend or alone.

Additionally, you have the option to complete the course in 2 days!

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Practical information 1-day GVB course

Golf equipment
We have golf clubs ready for you at the academy.  

Apart from practicing on the driving range, you get 2 hours of course lessons, accompanied by our professional. By doing this you get a good feeling for the game on the course itself. 

During this course, we provide theory lessons throughout the day, followed by an official NGF exam later in the day. This exam is essential for obtaining your GVB/course permission.

Handicap registration
To convert your course permission into a permanent registration and start tracking your handicap after the course, you can become a member of an (online) association. We can arrange this directly for you in collaboration with Mygolfhandicap.nl 

Each course weekend can accommodate a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants. This ensures that everyone receives ample attention from our professionals.

Programme 1-day

08:45 am Welcome and introduction to the professional
09:00 am Start of course (lessons on the driving range)
12:30 am Lunch (pay yourself) and theory exam
13:30 am Follow-up lesson on the driving range
14:30 am Start 9 course lesson
16:30 am - 17:00 am
Evaluation and conclusion course day