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We gave the driving range a make-over: a combination of drinks, games and golf

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Trackman Technology

When you think about golfing and a driving range, one is quick to think of endlessly hitting balls and hoping for a straight trajectory. At Golflounge Amsterdam we decided to change this. We gave the driving range a make-over: a combination of drinks, games and golf. And not just regular golf, with our Trackman system you can play games, play international courses, and see all the stats of the balls you’ve hit.

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How does it work?

Topgolf is a variety of ‘regular’ golfing. Where ‘normal’ golf is usually done at a plain driving range, we have decided this needs to be done differently. At Golflounge Amsterdam, you play golf immersed in in a fun environment with music, drinks, and friends. With the Trackman screens at each bay, you can play golf courses from places around the world and get insight in the stats of your swing. While playing, you have access to unlimited golf balls and you can order a drink and a bite at our bar.

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Trackman games

Capture the Flag, Bulls Eye or Hit it! With Trackman you can try out plenty games for a night of fun. See below for an idea of what the games are about. For questions about the games you can ask one of our employees at all times.

Capture the flag
Capture the flag is a game of tactics. By playing your ball closer to the flag than your opponent(s), you take over the flag. Who has the most flags wins!

Closest to the pin
Golfers know this as the neary. The person who plays their ball the closest to the flag goes home with the victory.

Hit it
Hit it! Is all about distance. Take that driver and hit the ball as far as you can. Create a little competition with your friends and see who can hit the furthest.

The important thing with Bulls Eye is precision: the closer you play to the flag, the more points you get. How many points will you get?

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Driving range Amsterdam 

De Golflounge is natuurlijk meer dan een driving range. We noemen het ook wel de Driving Range 3.0. Naast de Golflounge zit de ‘normale’ Driving Range van Golfcentrum De Hoge Dijk. In tegenstelling tot de Amsterdamse driving range biedt De Golflounge extra comfort, gratis ballen en niet geheel onbelangrijk: een bar.
Uitermate geschikt voor onder andere:

  • Verjaardag
  • Jubileum
  • Bruiloft
  • Familiedag
  • Kinderfeestje
  • Bedrijfsuitje
  • Netwerkborrel
  • Zakelijke meeting
  • Vrijmibo
  • Leuke middag of avond met je vrienden

Neem je gezelschap mee en spelen maar!

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Topgolf games Amsterdam

Topgolf Amsterdam oftewel de Golflounge is gelegen langs de A2 wat de locatie makkelijk bereikbaar maakt vanaf de snelweg. Er bevindt zich een groot bewaakt parkeerterrein voor de golf locatie waar parkeren slechts € 1 ,- kost.

Zien we je binnenkort op de Topgolf locatie in Amsterdam?

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